From the Owner

To My Esteemed Customers:

I want to take a moment and thank you for your business and to tell you a little bit about me so you can put a face with a name. I purchased the Concord Cleaners and South County Cleaners from John Hendrickson on December 01, 2015 when he decided to retire. I am currently and airline pilot working for an airline called flydubai, based in Dubai, UAE. With the age old first question people ask when you say your from St. Louis, my answer is no, I didn’t go to school in St. Louis.  I am originally from a small town called Owensville, MO.

I have called St. Louis home for the last 16 years when my aviation career started with TWA. After the 3rd and final bankruptcy of TWA then 9/11 I had to move around the US to keep a job within the airline industry. In 2006, the airline industry started to look up and I was able to get a job as a pilot with a local airline called Trans States Airlines. When the financial crisis hit in 2008 as some of you know jobs were scarce. I realized that to make a decent living I would have to look abroad.

My work has based all over the world including: Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Beirut Lebanon, Hyderabad, India and finally to Dubai where I am currently based. I wanted to do my part to help get the economy going again. I guess you could say it was my “pay it forward” idea. That is when I decided to purchase old buildings in south city and rehab them. One of the buildings was an old Laundromat that I gutted and rehabbed and turned into Washateria, an modern upscale Laundromat in south city. I had another storefront vacant so I gutted it and opened an Aveda hair salon called Zen Concept Salon.

Not only was my goal to create decent paying jobs but to improve the image of the neighborhood. Then I found Concord Cleaners and South County Cleaners for sale. It would help us improve our dry cleaning product at Washateria so I decided to purchase the business.

For our customers that have been coming for years I am sure you have notice cosmetic changes in the locations and the new computer system. Let me put as ease any doubts or concerns you may have. My goal is to create a brand and vision for Concord Cleaners & South County Cleaners. We have a quality product that you see. Now my goal is only improve on the quality and service.

I may not be in the stores as often as I would like to be at this point in time but I am constantly working behind the scenes to find new and better ways to improve your experience. As soon as my contract is finished I will be coming back home finally. Its long over due, and I look forward to getting to know more about each of you, our customers.

If you ever feel that you have an issue you want addressed or even a compliment that you want to pass along I would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at the address listed below. Thank you for your continued patronage and we look forward to continuing our service to you.

Yours truly,

Timothy W. Rodgers